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Banner image for collection CDC Ledgers

CDC Ledgers

1 volume

CDC Ledgers

Banner image for collection Early Northern European Books

Early Northern European Books

1 volume

A collection proposed by Dr. Walter Melion, the Early Northern European books were published in the 16th to 18th centuries. They are "emblem books," using text and image in complex ways to make their arguments. The books may be proverbial, scholarly, or exegetical in nature.

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1 volume


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2 volumes


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2 volumes


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1 volume

x test 2 details

Banner image for collection Early Black Print Culture

Early Black Print Culture

1 volume

 A collection of early Black print culture documents from the Rose Library.

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Test Import

6 volumes

This collection tests importing in various ways.

Banner image for collection Tibet Test

Tibet Test

31 volumes

Testing uploading volumes from the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives collection.

Banner image for collection Views of Rome

Views of Rome

1 volume

A collection proposed by Dr. Sarah McPhee and Dr. Eric Varner, Views of Rome includes books that chronicle the Eternal City in text and image over four centuries (16th-19th). These printed volumes document Rome's monuments through illustrations and maps combined with explanatory texts and constitute the primary way in which …

Banner image for collection Sounding Spirit

Sounding Spirit

17 volumes

Sounding Spirit: Scholarly Editions from the Southern Sacred Music Diaspora will publish digital and print annotated facsimile editions of five influential but currently inaccessible books of sacred southern vernacular music. Sounding Spirit focuses on gospel music, spirituals, shape-note music, and lined-out hymn singing, documenting the critical role textual communities played …